In the event that SNA, at its discretion, agrees to extend credit terms to Applicant on the basis of the information provided by the Applicant, such terms shall be as herein set forth and, at all times, Applicant agrees and acknowledges: (a) to pay ShipNorthAmerica Transportation Inc. (SNA) any and all sums due SNA for services rendered by SNA, no later than fifteen (15) calendar days, from the date of mailing of any invoice by SNA to Applicant; (b) that no bill of lading, manifest, or other similar document, nor any employee or agent of either party may in any respect alter or change the credit terms extended hereunder; (c) that all accounts past due after the authorized credit period has expired will and shall be subject to a service charge of ten (10) percent per year or the maximum rate allowed by law, or, alternatively, to the loss of any discount otherwise applicable, whichever is greater. With respect to any loss of discount and except as otherwise provided in any contract between SNA and Applicant, a revised freight bill or notice of imposition of such collection expense for late payment will be sent to Applicant on or before ninety (90) days after expiration of the authorized credit period; (d) that upon any default payment by Applicant, the entire balance owed to SNA shall become immediately due and payable, together with all interest or other charges related thereto; (e) to pay to and reimburse SNA, its collection agencies, attorneys and/or other resources utilized by SNA to enforce its right hereunder, any and all fees and costs incurred by SNA to collect any sums due it from Applicant; (f) in the event of any action by SNA to collect charges due it by Applicant, Applicant consents to jurisdiction under the laws of the Province of Ontario and venue of such suit shall be in the province of Ontario; (g) that SNA may increase or decrease Applicant's credit terms without prior notice to Applicant; (h) that SNA is authorized to contact any of the listed credit references and to obtain appropriate credit reports from agencies providing such information regarding Applicant's credit standing; and (i) notwithstanding any of the foregoing, Applicant agrees and acknowledges that SNA reserves any and all rights and remedies available to it, including carrier liens, otherwise available to SNA to enforce payment of any charges due SNA from or by Applicant.

As the authorized signing officer on behalf of the Applicant, I warrant and represent that I have actual authority to validate this agreement on behalf of the Applicant and assure SNA the full and prompt performance of all its obligations herein as set out in the foregoing Joint Credit Application and Payment Agreement including al future advances made thereunto.

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